What to Expect in July 2023

With the Summer Season in full swing, Viz Media has announced a list of major releases for the month of July 2023. This includes new manga series by major writers and artists, the return of beloved stories, along with major DVD launches. 

All works can be purchased through Viz Media or authorized vendors. Here is a breakdown of all the major releases from Viz Media during the month of July.

Series Debut

Like a Butterfly, Vol. 1 Suiren is captivated by Kawasumi after he rescues her from an unwelcome admirer. However, she is too shy to speak to anyone, a reserved fighter like him. Complicating matters is that there are others who are also interested in Kawasumi. 

Disney Twisted-Wonderland, Vol. 1 is a manga adaptation of the hit mobile game of the same name from Yana Toboso. The story follows Yu after they are whisked away to Night Raven College, an arcane academy in the world of Twisted Wonderland. They must find a way to escape this world with the help of some new friends. 

Guides and Collections

Marvel Comics: A Manga Tribute explores the Marvel Universes’ rich history while presenting a unique take with a collection of illustrations from over twenty exceptional Japanese artists. This includes work by Yasuhiro Nightow, Akira Himekawa, Peach Momoko, Yusuke Murata, and Yoshitaka Amano. 

Soichi: Junji Ito Story Collection is a collection of stories about everyone’s favorite sinister mischief maker. 

The Way of the Househusband: The Gangster’s Guide to Housekeeping is a collection of tips and advice on housekeeping from everyone’s favorite ex-gangster. 

Anime Tie-Ins

Dr. Stone, Vol. 26 follows Senku as he reaches that final frontier – outer space. Unfortunately, the mission runs into an unexpected crisis. 

Moriarty The Patriot, Vol. 12 is a reimagining of The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton. The King of Blackmail knows Mary’s dark secret and is using it to destroy any hope she has of marrying Dr. John Watson. Wanting to save his best friend, Sherlock Holmes decides to face Milverton head-on.

Helck, Vol. 4 begins when Helck and Vermilio are attacked by the Warrior of Darkness. Because of his overwhelming strength, Vermilio once again doubts his intentions. This results in Helck revealing his past and the reason he wants to destroy all humans.

New Releases

Tista, Vol. 2 begins with the titular character’s actions having drawn the attention of FBI Agent Snow. At the same time, she continues to bury her emotions in order to complete her deadly missions. 

Vampire Knight Memories, Vol. 8 has the queen of the vampires and a human prince reunited ten years later. Now they must weave together a world that has fallen apart.

Kirby Manga Mania, Vol. 6 follows the adventure of the iconic Nintendo character. Kirby loses his appetite while Dedede and Poppy embark on a zany caper.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Vol. 2 puts Erika in a situation in which her heart has aflutter after seeing a different of Kyoya. But a confession risks destroying everything they’ve built. 

Boy’s Abyss, Vol. 2 follow Ms. Shiba and Gen trying to save Reiji (but their motives aren’t pure). Meanwhile, Chako pursues the writer she worships and Nagi schemes to keep Reiji under her influence.

Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories follows Power as she lives out her favorite anime by becoming a genius detective (according to her). Denji tags along as her assistant for an investigation into disappearances at a mountain hotel. Other stories include a reunion between Quanxi and Kishibe, Himeno and Aki’s first assignment, and a trip to Enoshima.

Home Video 

Ranma 1/2 OVA and Movie Collection feature all 11 full episodes of the original video animations and the three theatrical films. The DVD set includes previews along with a clean opening and ending.

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan is the spin-off to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable. The series follows Rohan’s ongoing quest to infuse his manga with a dose of “reality” that drags him into a surreal world. Special features include a 20-page booklet, an interview with Landon McDonald (voice of Rohan Kishibe) along with a clean opening and ending.

Sailor Moon S: The Complete Third Season follows two new Sailor Guardians having emerged and are challenging Sailor Moon and her team. 

The DVD set includes cast interviews and commentary along with a clean opening, art galleries, and more.

More to Come

These are not the only works that Viz Media will be releasing during the month of July. More announcements could be made in the future.

VIZ Media is the largest publisher and distributor of manga in North America. They are also the biggest distributor of anime on home media. Besides their business, they are also active in the fandom community with their support for anime conventions.

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