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During Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2020, Mangamo announced the English debut of several manga’s. They are DEATHDEUS: Hero of the Dead and My Evil Stepbrother. Also added to their library is Erementar Gerade and Erementar GeradeFlag of Blue Sky.

From the artist of Gurren Lagann, DEATHDEUS: Hero of the Dead is a new shonen manga. Set in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by the undead, the story follows Shion-chan as she battles to save humanity.

My Evil Stepbrother follows Satono who dreads being left alone. When her mom remarries, she gains an older stepbrother, Ryo. However he who only wants to hang out with his friends, which comes into conflict with Satono needs.

Erementar Gerade is a fantasy adventure that follows a group of adventures on a journey to Edel Garden (the location of a mystical beings known as Edel Raids). The series was followed with the sequel Erementar Gerade: Flag of Blue Sky

Mangamo is a digital manga subscription service that gives members access to a robust library. This is made possible with their partnership with numerous publishers including Kodansha, Comicsmart, Toppan, and North Star Pictures just to name a few. 

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo is a digital event that is taking place from September 4th to September 6th. Crunchyroll Expo is an anime convention that showcases new attraction and highlights of the industry. To have an idea of what can be expected, checkout my coverage from the 2019 event.

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