For those who enjoy building models but want a break from mecha and Gundam, Tatsu Hobby has your back. Tatsu Hobby has announced it will host a non-mecha modeling competition.

Tatsu Hobby Character Figure / Non Mecha Modeling Competition is an opportunity to showcase your model-building skills. Participants can pick from any franchise but the model can’t be a mecha or vehicle. Miniatures will not be allowed but dioramas are acceptable. If you’re unsure of the franchise, please contact the store. 

The competition is limited to one person per entry. Entries will be based on a 58-point based on a series of criteria. 

Participants can submit their entry starting on December 8th until 6 pm on December 15th. The winners will be announced on December 17th at the store. Guest are encouraged to wear masks but the number of people allowed in the store will be limited. 

Tatsu Hobby is San Jose’s one-stop shop for Gundam models and anime collectibles. They have also been very active in the Bay Area fandom community and have had a major presence at numerous fan conventions. 

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