Those of you who have been waiting for the second season of Kakegurui will be excited to learn that Netflix has confirmed a premier date.

Both the original and dubbed version of Kakegurui×× is set to premier on Netflix on June 13th. Based on “The Tower of Doors” arc from the manga, Season 2 will follow Yumeko Jabami as her gambling skills are put to the test with the arrival of the Momobami Clan.

The second season had already premiered in Japan back in January, first on television followed by Netflix Japan. At the time, there was no word regarding the global release.

Kakegurui follows Yumeko Jabami as she attempts to disrupt the hierarchy at Hyakkaou Private Academy, a private school where the social status is established by a students gambling skills. Netflix is responsible for its global distribution, having premiered the anime in February 2018 and the live action adaptation in May 2018.

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