Viz Media has announced that the US premier of One Punch Man Season 2 will be broadcasted on Hulu.

Season 2 of One Punch Man will premier on April 9th in both Japan and North America. Viz Media is responsible for the North America distribution and has once again partnered with Hulu for this premier.

In a press release that was made available, Vice President of Animation Brian Ige has stated,

“We’re excited to once again partner with Hulu to bring another action-packed season of One Punch Man to subscribers. This new addition to the streaming service joins VIZ’s already expansive catalogue of hit series available on Hulu.”

One Punch Man is manga and anime series that follows the story of Saitama, a hero who is so powerful that he has become bored with being powerful due to the lack of a challenge. The series has been highly praised critics for its parody of the super hero genre.

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  1. I wish Viz made this deal with either Netflix or Crunchyroll as they have a better selection of anime. I love One Punch Man but so much to get Hulu.

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