Saints Row IV Modding Contest has Begun


A byproduct of a team that said “F-it” then added some steroids to the mix, Saints Row IV was already an over the top experience but now fans will have the chance to one up Deep Silver thanks to the Steam Workshop contest.

Deep Silver and Volition are hosting the Saints Row IV Steam Workshop contest in a search for the best new mod. To enter the contest, fans need to upload their new mod to Steam Workshop and then send an email to vsocial@dsvolition with a link along with the subject “Steam Workshop Contest Entry“. Only newly created mods that have been uploaded after February 21sth are eligible to enter.

The three categories are best new weapon mod, best new customization item mod, and best new misc mod. The first place winners will receive a hardware prize packages while the runner ups will receive a bundle of Deep Silver Steam game codes.

The contest will be judged by Volition Community Developer Mike Watson along with Thomas Jepp from and Florian Rath. The winners and runner ups will be selected on March 25.

To learn more about the contest, check out the rules and guidelines. Also check out our review for Saints Row IV.

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3 Comments on Saints Row IV Modding Contest has Begun

  1. I still play this game and modding has only made it better, I hope they make the winners official content for the game.

  2. I’m the patron Saint of America- The Boss

  3. This going to be of da shit I bet people gonna make all kinds of crazy shit but how they gonna top the Merica gun?

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