Sailor Moon fans and cosplayers who couldn’t showcase their work for a long time will be delighted to learn that a gathering has been confirmed for FanimeCon 2022.

Sailor Moon Cosplay Gathering will be hosted by Tim “Timtastic” Ngo during the FanimeCon weekend. The gathering will take place on May 29th starting at 4pm at location G6 (outside the video rooms convention center).

The gathering is open to all Sailor Moon cosplayers along with photographers and fans. There is a theme set scheduled along with the chance for a special request at the end. The order of the photo shots are as followed:

  • Group shot
  • Individual characters
  • Inner Guardians
  • Outer Guardians
  • Other Protagonists (like Tuxedo Mask)
  • All Guardians-Sailor Stars
  • Starlights
  • Cats (Luna, Artemis, Diana, human versions)
  • Royalty (King/Prince Endymion, Queen/Princess Serenity, etc.)
  • School uniform/Casual
  • Villains
  • Side characters

Cosplay gatherings are one of the most notable events during the FanimeCon weekend.The convention will also host several eSport tournaments, concerts and invites special guests. More information and details for the 2022 event but more will be announced in the future.

FanimeCon is one of the largest fan organized anime conventions and will take place on the Memorial Day weekend. The 2021 event will be an all digital event while the 2022 convention will be a live event. Check out some of the amazing cosplayers form the 2019 event.

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