In response to the recent shooting in Sacramento along with the incident at Phoenix ComicCon, SacAnime has officially banned the use of replica and prop firearms at the Summer 2017 event.

This means that anyone who cosplayers will not be allowed to bring a replica firearm as part of their prop. This ban applies to all prop weapons regardless of having an orange tip or any kind of bright paint.

The team at SacAnime made the announcement in the following post:

Hello Sac Anime attendees!

As our staff has been sharing on other Facebook groups.

We want to bring up an important update to Cosplay Prop policy. In light of recent events both here in Sacramento and at Phoenix ComicCon, we will not be allowing ANY replica firearms.

Please note, that if your cosplay includes a ‘firearm’ that…

– fires a projectile
– is orange safety tipped
– resembles a real-world firearm


If you have questions, please go to Con Ops in the ‘Fowler’ room on the 2nd floor of the Sheraton, above registration.

Thank you!

The ban is a response to a resent shooting in Sacramento that resulted in one Sheriff Deputy killed and two CHP officers injured. SacAnime has also beefed up security following the incident at Phoenix ComicCon, in which a suspect attempted to attack the event and murder Jason David Frank.

Since many Cons have had a strong police presence following the incident at Phoenix ComicCon, it makes sense to ban replica firearms. The announcement has been meet with mixed reactions with guest either supporting the ban, confused or outrages,

SacAnime Summer 2017 will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center during the weekend of September 1st until the 3rd. Tickets are on sale now while hotels in the area are also taking reservations.

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  1. So I got to tone down my awesome Call of Duty outfit because of some nutjob at Phoenix ComicCon and the Sac Cops are lazy as fuck! What happened to respecting my 2A?

  2. This is just a sad attempt by Liberal CA to attack our right to bare arms and now they are going after our cultures love of guns. I hope everyone dose the right thing and boycott SacAnime just to show how important our #2A is!

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