Valorant for the PC review. 8Bit/Digi

Valorant is Riot Games attempt to create a multiplayer shooter that mixes the hallmarks of Overwatch and Counter-Strike. This game comes long after everyone in the industry gave up on imitating either classics. Even with a mash up of two styles, it still brings nothing new nor does it make the effort to keep you engaged.

This is one of those games that one has to ask why bother making it or playing it. It’s not bad but it’s also not that interesting. Especially when there are so many better choices. Valorant is one of those works that tries to appeal to everyone and ends up not having any appeal.

Valorant for the PC review. 8Bit/Digi

Welcome to the Match

Valorant is a free to play competitive multiplayer shooter. It has blended together what has defined Counter-Strike and Overwatch. Players either work as a team to battle the opposing team or play a game of classic deathmatch. The game starts you with a good rooster of characters (each has their own special abilities) with the opportunity to unlock more. Each match begins with players having the choice to buy whatever weapon they want before going into battle.

From a visual perspective, it truly did a good job at utilizing a minimalist artistic design. It’s this artistic choice that makes the game stand out visually while giving it a lighthearted tone. At the same time, it allows the game to run on most PC’s.

Despite having all the hallmarks of two multiplayer titans, it lacks the excitement or charm of either. Valorant has a good number of characters but none of them stand out or are memorable. The same could be said about the games arsenal as most the weapons feel the same in combat. The combination of these two factors results in the overall action feeling sluggish at times while somewhat amusing at best. Adding to the games overall blandness is the level layouts. While the artist choice is great, the layout feels too familiar.

Overall, I could only recommend Valorant if you never played Overwatch and Counter-Strike, Fortnite, or Call of Duty: Warzone are not your type of game.

Valorant for the PC review. 8Bit/Digi

One Player Remaining

Valorant takes the best elements from the kings of multiplayer shooters only to be something that fails to stand out it in a crowded market. It’s not a bad game but you won’t really remember it after a few months. With so many better free to play multiplayer shooters, there really isn’t any need for a game this bland.

Disclaimer: This is a free to play game and received no perks from the publisher.

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Valorant (PC)





  • It has all the standard gameplay features.
  • It's not too pushy with the microtransactions.
  • Its minimalist artistic design.


  • The action feels very sluggish.
  • None of the chracters stand out or are memorable.
  • Weapons all feel the same in combat.
  • Level layouts feel bland and boring.


  1. This is some serious BS you give Serious Sam 4 a 10/10 because its old school but you give Valorant a 4/10 because its boring. Some serious hypocrasy there bro! You mad because Riot Games is all toxic mansculent so you gotta crap on their games. Valorant is tits only old peope play Counter Strike uit your job!

  2. All the real game sites gave Valorant a high score, you’re just trying to be edgy and want attention. Sorry but your fake news and nobody cares what you have to say.

  3. This is less of a real review and more of an excuse for PC gamers to show off how wonderful their farts smell. Not everyone has $10gs to throw down on a gaming rig that can play Call of Duty or Counter-Strike. Valorant was the answer to that problem and instead you just mock us for liking it. Sorry my PC can’t play Doom or Halo. But it can play Valorant just fine. You are a real snob.

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