The creators of Dead Trigger 2 present another FPS game for the mobile device that is all about killing zombies. This time they decided to call it Unkilled and that is the only thing that has changed.

If one has played Dead Trigger 2 then give it a few minutes before that realization that you played this game before hits. However if one hasn’t played Dead Trigger 2 then this game will be fun for about 20 minutes before you get bored and decide to play a real game.

Players take on the role of Joe, an operative of WOLFPACK (a private military company), who has been deployed to New York City during a zombie outbreak. Players must fight waves of zombies while looking for survivors along with assisting in the quarantine and evacuation.

Already the biggest problem is that this is a zombie game and at this point most gamers have become bored with the genre — it has been done and there is almost nothing that can get a gamer’s attention. The only exception is the highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 2 because Capcom is bringing one of the greatest games to the Next-Gen consoles.

Unlike every other shooter game, players just move around while the game shoots at the targets on its own. The problem with such a setup is that everything that makes a shooter worthy of playing is replaced by doing absolutely nothing. Hence, most of what makes the genre fun and challenging has been lost. There are also microtransactions but that pales to the annoyance of the game always needing an Internet connection just to work.

By bringing nothing new to a milked genre, Unkilled is just a waste of space on your mobile device that could be used for better things like selfies.

Unkilled (iOs)





  • Easy to Learn


  • Gets boring fast
  • Annoying microtransactions
  • No real skill needed to win

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