The Last Hope for Your World

Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol.1 is a collection of arcade shooters that either defined the genre or influenced a generation of gamers. At the same time, it takes gamers back to the era when the arcade dominated the video game world. Among the titles in the collection is Truxton.

Truxton is a vertical scrolling shooter that puts players in command of a Super Fighter as they attempt to save their homeworld. It’s one of those arcade titles that was a byproduct of its era. If you enjoyed sci-fi themed arcade games then this is a classic you will enjoy playing with a friend. 

Take Flight in the Super Fighter 

Details of the story vary based on the region the game was released but the main plot remains the same. This summary is going to be based on the element every version of the game shares. Gidans army has launched an invasion and it’s up to Tatsuo (the last remaining Super Fighter pilot) to stop them. Players will battle waves of enemy forces along with a series of bosses in an attempt to stop the invasion. 

Inspired by Star Wars, science-fiction themed games were among the many staples of the arcade scene during the late 80’s. All of them had the same plot about the player having to either save their planet or the galaxy. Truxton was just one of many arcade games of this era that offered such an experience. While unremarkable at the time, this remaster is a glimpse of what that scene was like back in the day. This is not to say it was forgettable but that you had to be a fan to have a nostalgic connection with it. 

Battling the Gidans 

Truxton is a fast paced vertical scrolling shooter that has undergone some modern updates. Gameplay has players take command of a Super Fighter as they battle waves of enemy forces. Along the way, you will pick up power-ups that will give your weapons a major boost. Best of all; players could enjoy this solo or team up with a friend via local Co-Op (best enjoy it with a friend). 

Enemy forces are made up of star fighters, gun emplacements, and a variety of other sci-fi weapons. At the end of each level, players will go one-on-one with the boss. Each boss will present their own challenges that will test the players’ skills and make them think fast. Do expect to die multiple times before having a good idea of your enemy and the battlefield before developing the right strategy. 

One also can’t overlook how it allows you to customize the overall experience. A player could experience the Truxton from their youth or the European and Japanese version. Players could also customize the difficulty to either offer a challenge or make it easy to enjoy. This is made possible by altering the number of lives, using assist features, and setting the difficulty level. The point is to make it the experience you want. 

Super Fighter Down

Every collection is going to have its crown jewel and a dud. Unfortunately; Truxton is going to be the dud of the Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol.1. Most of it comes down to how generic the game looks regarding its design and the inconsistency of the checkpoint system. 

At first glance, Truxton doesn’t look impressive as it feels too by the books regarding design. From the enemy star fighters to the levels, everything feels very generic. When playing it and getting into it more, this perception doesn’t change. If you played a few science-fiction themed vertical scrolling shooters then everything here feels cliché. It all comes down to the game not having an identity to call its own.

The inconsistency of the checkpoint system is also another issue I had with the game. While most arcade games have you pick up from the spot you died, Truxton opts for a checkpoint system. Unfortunately, it functions inconsistently as you might be pushed back future one moment you die and then much closer the next time you die. This problem is even more annoying when you die seconds after beating a bass and having to fight it again. 

As with other games in this collection, Truxton also has issues regarding the controller layout of the keyboard. The default layout is odd at best but you will fumble with it until you realize #1 = Start (for some reason). Save yourself the trouble, hit ESC and go change the layout. Once that has been taken care of, you should have a good time. 

Saving Your Homeworld

Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol.1 is a collection of arcade classics that were either staples of the arcade or cult favorites. Truxton may not be the most impressive title in the line-up but it’s still fun to play. Especially if it was your game back in the day or you’re a fan of science-fiction themed vertical scrolling shooters. 

Disclaimer: Freedom by Embracer provided the game used for this review.

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Truxton (PC)





  • Easy to learn gameplay and non-stop action.
  • Experience can be adjusted based on ones preference.
  • Fun with a friend or solo.


  • Unimpressive design that is too cliché.
  • Inconsistency of the checkpoint system.
  • Wonky keyboard controller layout.

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