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The third film in the DC Extended Universe was promoted as a gritty Avengers style film made up of supervillains but ends up being a mess that grinded its source material with the vision of a great director and added the obviously stupid studio interference.

Suicide Squad was suppose to be a dark and gritty follow-up to Batman v. Superman that pitted Task Force X against maybe the Joker or something far more sinister. Instead we get an Escape From New York rip-off featuring the zombies from The Last of Us along with a lot of action and some Joker.

The plot is Amanda Waller organizes a Special Forces unit made up of supervillains following the death of Superman. However one of these villains,  Enchantress, goes rouge and attempts to destroy the world while turning Midway City into a war-zone. Hence, the team is sent to stop her while Joker attempts to rescue Harley Quinn.

In fairness; it’s not a bad movie but it could have been something better while the marketing should have been more honest instead of focused on selling the hype of the new Joker.

Which by the way, the Jared Leto version of the Joker seemed to try and mix the gangster rendition of Jack Nicholson with the anarchist rendition of Heath Ledger. The result is a psycho that is running a criminal business while trying to fight the establishment at the same time. Also why wasn’t C.C.H. Pounder not casted as Amanda Waller? I mean seriously this part was written for her and she had portrayed the character many times in the DC Animated Universe.

Suicide Squad  introduction of the Joker may have been weak but the cast was solid and may have saved this movie. Will Smith and Margot Robbie standout for how well they portrayed their character while kudos need to be given to Jai Courtney for allowing his acting skills show for once.

Overall; Suicide Squad just demonstrates that DC Extended Universe  needs better planning and pacing while studio executives really need to let the director and writer do their job properly. Its an ok movie but it could have been much better.

Disclaimer: I bought my ticket for this movie.

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Suicide Squad





  • Solid cast that did its best.


  • Tries to be dark but holds back.
  • It's an Escape From New York rip-off featuring the zombies.


  1. Such a great film. I just wish jared leto had more screen time as the joker…..iv found my halloween costume this year!!!!!! Did anyone notice the ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK nod by the government putting tiny bombs in each of the squads necks ala snake plissken?

  2. Wow… What a bad movie! The terrible writing…. Predictable plot… and choppy editing was actually insulting. The fact that they released this movie and charged people for it is a crime! The comics are so much better. David Ayer should be ashamed of himself.

  3. I don’t get why almost all the ads are hyping the joker up…. He hardly was in it and to be honest was very lack luster,, they made him very cartoonie.. Epic fail! No one could very live up to what was set previously

  4. This film was extremely entertaining and the relationships between the characters were portrayed quite well. Admittedly, there were ovious flaws but they did not take away from the film’s tone or the quality of the plot. Also, the characters were believable and lively. I amire each member of the Suicide Squad, except Slipknot. Harley was amusing and appropriately expressive and Deadshot doesn’t hesitate to kill but will converse and collaborate with decency for the best outcome, for everyone. That said, I am fond of how most members of the Suicide Squad were portayed. I found the experience to be absolutely pleasant.

  5. this movie sucked royal keister and you all know it. just because harley quinn has a nice butt, and will smith playing deadshot wore an eye laser oh sick thats awesome 5 stars. no but in reality it was still baaaaaaaaad. the villiain was a storebought version from ghostbusters the one from a million years ago. all the fans say it was for the fans to excuse the fact that no one but the fans would understand the characters because dc was too lazy to give any sort of background beyond a stupid title card to explain why characters would do things. in the 3rd act the movie turned from a craaaazy fun vibe to a dumb mopey sad movie

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