S.A.S. Zombie Assault series has been one of the few mobile games that stands out for its quality gameplay. To keep the fourth game unique, Ninja Kiwi has taken it to a new setting.

Unlike its predecessors, S.A.S. Zombie Assault 4 ditches the global pandemic and features a more Sci-Fi themed setting that focus on the S.A.S. battling a zombie infection on a colony in space.

Set in the year 3104, a viral outbreak on the planet Thera unleashes hordes of zombies on the human population. In response, the S.A.S have been deployed to contain the outbreak and save the human population once again.

Its hard for a successful mobile game series to stay fresh when the technology and resources are limited, so the development team had to rely on making a new story. While tossing an intellectual property into space is always desperate and cheesy, it actually works well for this game.

The game starts by allowing players to pick one of three classes to play, each with their own unique features. Like its predecessors, the action is seen from overhead viewpoint while gamers can fight the undead solo or with friends.

The biggest challenge is some gamers might have difficulty playing from an overhead viewpoint, unless one played the original Grand Theft Auto. It always feels clunky when trying to control a character but after a while one will get use to playing from an overhead viewpoint.

S.A.S. Zombie Assault 4 is a rare kind of mobile game that is both fun and free. Just in time for the Season of Fear, horror gamers will once again enjoy killing waves of zombies on their mobile device.

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S.A.S. Zombie Assault 4





  • Same great game.
  • Plenty of zombie killing action.
  • No pay to win mechanics.


  • Overhead viewpoint can be challenging
  • Clunky controls.

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