Hitman III Brings The Story of 47 to a Close

After a thrilling and successful comeback, Hitman III brings The World of Assassination trilogy to a close. This final entry presents 47 with a series of new challenges while also building on the success of the previous two entries. The end result isn’t a game anyone could enjoy but a trilogy one should not overlook. 

The World of Assassination trilogy has always been the pinnacle of the series in a number of ways. It has been the proper introduction to new fans and welcoming to old-school gamers. It has redefined the series by becoming what it has always aimed to be. Hitman III continues that legacy while growing on an already successful formula. 

If you’re wondering why I waited so long to review Hitman III, it’s because I prefer to get it on Steam. Since I have all the previous games on Steam, it only makes sense to wait until it’s available on that storefront. 


The final chapter sees 47 tying up all loose ends and bring an end to his journey. Following the events of the previous game, 47 has left the ICA and is working to bring down Providence. However, all does not go according to plan as Arthur Edwards (aka The Constant) uses the death of his superiors to take control of Providence. At the same time, the ICA has dispatched its resources to hunt down 47.

Story has never been one of the series’s strong points as it’s either 47 being used or having to go underground. I say this as someone who has been a fan of the series since Hitman: Codename 47. While the trilogy combines both, it does a better job compared to past titles. It’s especially better for anyone new to the series and has never played any past titles. If you care about the story, you absolutely should play the previous games from The World of Assassination trilogy.

Hitman is not a game about story, it’s about how crafty one can be to accomplish a mission. Hitman III continues that tradition while also making it more difficult than before. 

Tools of the Trade

Hitman as a series has always been one of trial and error in regards to the gameplay. The first one had a good idea but poor execution, Hitman 2: Silent Assassins improved on this while having its own issues. Contracts and Blood Money perfected most of that foundation. Hitman III follows this tradition of perfecting what was established before. 

It takes what worked in the last game and improves upon it. If you have over 100 hours in Hitman II, then all of this will feel familiar. Thankfully, IO Interactive didn’t take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach. New gear has been introduced along with new gameplay modes. At the same time, achievements tied to timed events have been cleaned up to be more accessible.  

At its core, players will be tossed in a contained open world and tasked with taking out the target. How they do that will be entirely up to the player. One could go guns blazing or kill two birds with one stone (via a little accident). The choice is up to the player but they are also encouraged to go back and try other methods. Also returning are the Escalation missions that present their own challenges but also offer their own rewards.

But don’t go in thinking this is going to be like the previous games. Remember that 47 is alone and has limited resources. Thus you will be starting each mission with nothing and having to work your way through. This allows players to have a real challenge while requiring them to better explore the world on their first playthrough.

End of an Era

Hitman III only has two issues that can’t be overlooked, bugs that disrupt a perfect plan and duplicate rewards. 

Tell me if you’ve experienced this, your in the middle of a mission and you have a trap set up. However, the NPC starts glitching out, thus ruining everything. It happens from time to time (especially in the missions from Hitman). Not as common compared to Hitman II but still an annoyance that could make you start from the beginning. 

Next is that some of the rewards are duplicates of previous ones. It’s great when the game rewards players with new gear but it would have been great if it’s not a duplicate of another. Since this is not an RPG, there really is little difference between [insert gear] MKI and [insert gear] MKII. It would have been better had there been more unique gear that could be unlocked.

These may have been my biggest peeves with the overall game, they were not enough of a nuisance to affect the overall experience. The first game tested the waters, the second titled perfected the formula and Hitman III just polishes the minor problems. Making this entry a masterpiece title. 


Hitman III brings The World of Assassination trilogy to a close with an unforgettable bang. The third game in the reboot brings it all together while perfecting the experience. Regardless of when one was introduced to the series, this is a game that has lived up to expectations. 

Disclaimer: I bought this game, via Steam.

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Hitman III (PC)





  • Took what worked in the last game and improves upon it.
  • The game presents a new set of challenges for seasoned fans.
  • Minor clean ups helped a lot.


  • Still some minor glitches and bugs that could hamper an entirely planned moment.
  • Some of the rewards are duplicates of previous gear.

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