Godzilla Defense Force is one of those unique games that one won’t comeback because of the gameplay but for the fan service.

Through its 65 year history, the King of the Monsters has been featured in a verity of media for better or worse. Video games are no exception as they have featured some of Godzilla’s best and worst moments. Godzilla Defense Force isn’t the worst but it isn’t one of the best either.

Godzilla Defense Force has players working to save the world from the Xiliens (Showa era versions), who have taken control of earths monsters. The game is a tower defense style game in which players must fight waves of bug monsters followed by a boss battle with an iconic kaiju.

The gameplay is simple, just tap the screen to either build more troops and fight the kaiju while also saving civilians. Players could also use three cards to give them a boost or summon a kaiju. For their effort, the player is rewarded in the form of currency that could be used to upgrade their base. It’s basically the standard gameplay mechanics seen in almost every other game of this kind, so it’s not that impressive.

Thankfully the true selling point is the games nostalgia factor. Players can collect digital cards that can be used in battle. These cards feature iconic monsters and weapons from the series. Best of all, one could collect iconic monsters from diffrent eras of the series (like King Ghidorah from the Showa era and Heisei era). Best of all, players could collect numerous Godzilla’s from diffrent eras, including each stage of the Shin era Godzilla.

However fans should be warned that absent from the Godzilla collection are Legacy Godzilla and Earth Godzilla. But, Zilla is also absent so it’s not too bad.

Also to the games credit, it doesn’t force microtransactions onto the player and there is almost no real “pay to win” mechanics. This is a Nexon title, which means the only people who give in to the microtransactions are the text book definition of a sucker.

Godzilla Defense Force feels less like a game and more of a basket of member berries. Die hard fans will enjoy it for the nostalgia factor and the collecting aspect, but everyone else won’t expect much from the game.

Disclaimer: This is a free to play game and I got no extra bonuses from the publisher or developer.

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Godzilla Defense Force (iOs)





  • Plenty of nods to the series history.
  • Collecting diffrent monsters.
  • The microtransactions aren't forced on the player.


  • Actual game is bland.

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