Enter a Cyberpunk World That will Test Your Skills

At first glance, Ghostrunner is one of those games that gets your attention as it feels like something you are all too familiar with. Once the action starts, it’s quick to tell you that this is an experience unlike any you have played. It will put your skills to the test and push you to your limits while making you come back for more.

Ghostrunner: Complete Edition takes a game that is already fun to play and just adds more to it. How? This version includes all the DLC’s along with the main game. For those who enjoyed the demo or have been curious about this game, this is the version to pick up on Steam. 

Please note that I never played the standard Ghostrunner. Thus this review will be based from the perspective of someone experiencing it for the first time. 

Welcome to Dharma Tower

Welcome to a cyberpunk dystopia that pits you against a rogue army in an attempt to liberate what is left of humanity. Players awaken in this world with no memory and nothing but an order to liberate the Architect, a mysterious person who might have all the answers. Once the Architect is rescued, everything becomes known.

Players have taken the role of Jack, the last of an elite peacekeeping force known as the Ghostrunner. Created to protect Dharma Tower, they were wiped out when the Keymaster launched a coup to oust the Architect. With this knowledge and purpose, players must journey through this world to end the Keymasters reign of terror. 

From a narrative perspective, it’s your standard by-the-books cyberpunk game. Thus don’t go in expecting something different. However, it’s not so cliche that you could predict every plot point. It puts the effort into building up the moment with the upbeat soundtrack and grime but colorful world. 

Becoming the Ghostrunner 

At first glance, Ghostrunner feels like an entire game built on one of the most annoying trends in games from the late 90’s. I’m referring to platform levels in first-person games (bad memories of the Xen stage from Half-Life). This concern is easily put to rest when you realize the gameplay has been designed to accommodate a first-person platformer in all the right ways. 

Gameplay has been designed to ensure players could easily traverse the map. Trying to jump at the right moment and hoping to land on the right spot is not a real issue. Your character could run on walls and could grab onto the ledges. Thus making the platforming actually enjoyable. The combat is simple as players have their katana and just have to slice and dice the enemy. But you need to avoid enemy fire as one shot results in instant death. 

A platformer world combined with intense combat and you could already sense the difficulty of the game. The real challenge is going to be to traverse the stage while avoiding enemy attacks. That means planning where to go, when to move from platforms, and knowing when to strike. Players will be putting their skills to the test at each corner numerous times. It will get frustrating and rage quit is bound to happen but overcoming these challenges will be personally rewarding.

With how I just described Ghostrunner, you might think the difficulty level is on par with Dark Souls. To compare the two would be inaccurate at best and misleading at worst. That is because I lasted longer in a playthrough of Dark Souls than Ghostrunner. This is not to dissuade anyone but instead a heads up of knowing what to expect.

But if you learn to master your skills and the world, then Ghostrunner becomes a speedrunner’s delight. 

Complete Edition

Ghostrunner: Complete Edition comes with the base game along with the DLC’s. This includes several skin packs, an artbook, and the Project_Hel (a prequel to the main game). Project_Hel puts players in the role of one of the game’s villains and tells their story. While using the main game as a foundation, it tweaks the gameplay to better suit the style of your character while keeping most of the defining experiences. Overall adding to a game that is already rich in replay value. 

A Glitch in the System

When it comes to how the Ghostrunner: Complete Edition falls short, my only issue is the controller layout. Honestly, most of the time I’m dying because I’m use to the or A button being used to jump instead of RB (I use an Xbox One controller to play). You can change the layout but nothing comes close to the ideal layout. 

Regarding the game’s difficulty and how challenging it could be, it will be based on personal preference. I will admit that this is not a game I would play after a busy day at work but I will enjoy it after an easy day. For those who enjoy a fast-paced game that will test their skills then you will enjoy Ghostrunner.

Fight for the Future

Ghostrunner: Complete Edition is an intensive experience that is also rich in replay value. The main game pushes your skills to the limit while making you come back for more. The Complete Edition content just adds to a game that is already rich in replay value. 

This review is the critique and thoughts of one writer. If you want to see how other critics felt then check it out on OpenCritic.

Disclaimer: Stride PR provided the game used for this review.

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Ghostrunner: Complete Edition (PC)





  • Classic cyberpunk story without going all in with the cliches.
  • Easy to learn gameplay but intensive experience.
  • Rich in replay value
  • Offbeat soundtrack


  • Wonkey controller layout.

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