Riding Along With a Devil Into Chaos

Like so many, Dropkick On My Devil!! X has to be one of those series that took me by complete surprise this season. I’m not gonna be a pretentious snob and pretend to have been watching it from the start. We all started with Season 3 because every V-Tuber fan was talking about Hatsune Miku guest appearance in the first episode. Even if you’re not a fan of the virtual idol, there is plenty of reasons to get into Dropkick On My Devil!!

Dropkick On My Devil!! X is an offbeat and dark comedy that hits all the right marks. It is very colorful all the time but also grim when it wants to be. It can be serious at times while mostly over-the-top wacky. At the same time, it has plenty of pop-culture references and fourth wall breaking moments. Overall. you will get a good laugh out of each episode. 

It should be noted that I’m anime only, hence this review will not be comparing Dropkick On My Devil!! X with the manga but will rate it based on its own merit. 

My Name Is Jashin-chan!

The series follows the odd couple relationship of a human witch and a devil. One day, Yurine Hanazono bought a book of spells and used it to summon Jashin-chan (just for fun). The summoning worked but the chant to send her back is in another book. For Jashin-chan to go back, they must find the other book. As an alternative, Jashin-chan could kill Yurine.

The series focuses on their misadventures along with Jashin-chan’s many failed attempts to kill Yurine (resulting in Yurine viciously punishing Jashin-chan). Along for the journey are numerous devils along with angels and fallen angels. Running gags during this season are Pino’s paranoia, Mei Tachibana obsession with collecting cute characters, along with Lierre trying to hide her love of being a child, and her relationship with Persephone.

A Wicked Time in Jinbocho

You absolutely need to have a taste for off-beat comedy to enjoy Dropkick On My Devil!! X. I only say this because this might not be everyone’s preferred sense of humor. That being said, do expect a lot of over-the-top wackiness from this series. 

Most of the humor is over-the-top and offbeat. Depending on the moment, it could be upbeat or it could be macabre. One minute the characters could all be enjoying a nice day out, the next Yurine has to brutally punish Jashin-chan for doing something wicked. Also do expect numerous pop-culture references and fourth wall breaking as part of the humor. 

One can’t also overlook the many odd couple relationships in the series. Yurine Hanazono and Jashin-chan are one of the obvious ones and it never disappoints. Basically, Jashin-chan tries to either kill Yurine or something immoral. She gets caught by Yurine and is punished for it. Added to the mix is Lierre’s reunion with Persephone, a relationship that has been strained since the latter became Queen of the Underworld. While Persephone is more than happy to rekindle it, Lierre is trying (and failing) to fight it.

Also, I have to give kudos to the episodes that promote the Hokkaido region. They do an excellent job at showcasing its cultural heritage along with its historical and natural landmarks.

Yurine attacks Jashin-chan in Dropkick On My Devil!! X - 8Bit/Digi

The Deadly Party

The only issue I had with Dropkick On My Devil!! X comes from the “Kushiro Arc” and the “Obihiro Arc”. This sees Jashin-chan go on the run in the Hokkaido region to avoid her creditors. These episodes attempt to tell a story while also promoting the cities in the region (thanks to government funding). Like I said, it does a great job at promoting the respected cities. It fails to tell an interesting story with the first two episodes. It’s not all bad as the story picks up and gets interesting by the third and fourth episodes.  

You do learn a lot about the Hokkaido region and the major cities. Unfortunately, you’re not gonna have an interest in Jashin-chan ordeal until Episode 8. Stories about Minos, Yurine or Persephone are interesting or insightful. Anything that has to do with Jashin-chan can easily be skipped on your second watch through.

Jashin-chan next to Lierre on a dolphin in Dropkick On My Devil!! X - 8Bit/Digi

The Shape of a Smile

Dropkick On My Devil!! X is one of those series that will take you by surprise but has plenty for viewers to enjoy. The humor is all over the place and over the top in all the right ways. You will be laughing at each episode and going back for more. Truly a great work of comedy that will surprise you. 

Disclaimer: I watched the entire season on Crunchyroll, which I pay for myself.

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Dropkick On My Devil!! X





  • Over the top and offbeat comedy.
  • Plenty of chracters have an odd couple relationship.
  • Numerous pop-culture references and fourth wall breaking.
  • Episodes that promote the Hokkaido region.


  • It loses a lot of momentume with the Kushiro and Obihiro Arc.

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