Remember how awesome it was to blow crap up and fight the Ultor Corporation in Red Faction for the PlayStation 2? Gamers could relive those days as THQ Nordic has re-release this gaming icon for the PlayStation 4.

Part of their ongoing campaign to revitalize the iconic studio, THQ Nordic has brought Red Faction to the PlayStation 4 through emulators. The game is now available on sale at the PlayStation Store for $14.99.

This announcement comes several months after Nordic Games rebranded itself as THQ Nordic back in August. The studio started as a small developer but gained the attention of the industry when it acquired the trademark logo along with the rights to many of the THQ’s intellectual property.

Red Faction was a PlayStation 2 launch title that introduced the concept of a destructible environment thanks to the GeoMod engine. The plot follows Parker as he leads a miner rebellion on Mars against the Ultor Corporation.

The games success spawned a series with Guerilla being praised as one of the best titles of the Seventh-Generation era.  The Ultor Corporation would later return in the Saints Row series, fist as an antagonize faction and later owned by The Saints.

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