Gamers will have the chance to play the beta for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 during the weekend but we got a chance to check it out a few days early. This being a beta, there were some minor glitches but overall it was a solid experience.

Note: This is not a review or a critique of the game, this is just some thoughts on experiencing the beta.

The game has players taking on the role of Jon North, a Black Ops operative who is deployed to Republic of Georgia to take out the Separatist leaders while working with local forces to restore order. He is also on a personal mission to locate his younger brother who went missing in the region.

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The gameplay uses the setup in Far Cry 3 as a template as players have a safe house to upgrade their gear or replenish their supplies. Players then will have to travel to an objective on foot or by car while avoiding enemy patrols. Once at the location, they have a verity of options when it comes to completing the task.

Stealth is key and players are better off scouting the area, marking all the enemies while looking for weaknesses in the defense. Players will also have to loot bodies for ammo and gear along with items that can be sold. Once the everything has been completed, player could then level up their skills.

The beta featured two single-player missions along with the option of exploring parts on the map. For the play through, we took on the task of taking out a separatist officer at an abandoned housing complex. Getting to the area was easy but the complex was well defended. First I had to scout the area and mark the targets then take out all the snipers while avoiding detection. Once the target was in the open, it was a quick kill before leaving the area.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 looks like it’s going to be a solid experience once the bugs are fixed and the full game is released in April. While passed titles have had their unique charm, this one however looks like it will be the crowning achievement of the series.

Disclaimer: Evolve PR provided the game that was used for this preview. 


    • Have you played the open beta?? From what you’re saying I don;t think you have…The game is similar to FC in some ways. It’s an FPS, it has an open world and you can use vehicles. Other than that it’s a completely different experience. I think you should try it firs before you post comments like that.

    • @Vass The game is similar to Far Cry (there’s no dubts about it), but it’s very hard to call it rip off ;/// I don’t believe you’ve plaed Beta either. You should try this game in April, I think you might like it if you like FC’s atmosphere and comilation of sniping games, traditional fps’s and assassin’s creed.

    • To be honest I’m not happy about driving the car. I’m a driver for almost 20 years, I drove different cars for thousands of miles on pretty screwed up roads and never had such a problems with staying on the track. They should do something with it. And it would be nice if I could use other vehicles.

  1. As I remember CI games said that they imitated FC and other games, because they want to focus on Sniper environment, and transfer real life of sniper to the gamer. For me they do their job properly , and game is more sniper simulator, than another Sniper shooter.

  2. Well, I played Open Beta and I think this game might be one of the best FPS ever. Seriously. Thoe 3 styles of fight -sniper, ghost and warrior – really work and this is the most interesting and exciting thing about it.

  3. Played beta, gaved feedback and actualy waiting for more. I dont want more gameplays or screens. I want to play that game. Luckly 4th aprli is close:)

  4. very good beta, i’m hungry for more ! Can’t wait to explore SGW3 world, with riflle in my hands! It might be best shooter of 2017

  5. lol, few germans wrote that they found some kind of “soft porno” in their game…. I watched it, and I’m dissapointed [*]

  6. Lol, I watched it and found nothing inappropriate 🙂 I know some Germans and they’re very funny, I think whole thing is just a joke )

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