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By Jimmy Bernstein

After being the go to store for military enthusiasts and cosplayers for over 40 years, the Mountain View Surplus in Campbell has unfortunately closed. Like so many iconic shops in the Bay Area, it has fallen victim to the out of control coast of rent.

Unlike other surplus stores in the area, Mountain View Surplus in Campbell was well known for selling authentic military gear. Many of their merchandise was purchased at auctions, and closed military bases while customers could find gear from the modern era all the way back from World War II.

Besides military collectors, Mountain View Surplus was very popular among cosplayers who appreciated the authentic gear. Any time somebody wanted to dress up like Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater or Soap MacTavish from Modern Warfare, they could find the stuff they needed here.

I have alway come here when ever I made a sweat outfit for Fanime or Comic Con,” said Jake Rowan, a Bay Area cosplayer and customer at Mountain View Surplus.”There are other stores but none could compare to the one in Campbell.

I made my Big Boss outfit with gear and cloths from this shop. It’s sad to see this landmark go out of business,”  shared Vince Miller.

It’s unclear what will happen to the property but rumors have been circulating that there are plans to build condos. However these rumors have been slapped to other local businesses, regardless if they are closing or not.

Were you a regular customer at Mountain View Surplus in Campbell? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Oh please we all know the real reason why Mountain View Surplus
    Closed, they were forced to because their presence was offensive to the gays, BLM, SJW and anti-military hippie in the Bay Area. I bet they are going to knock down the building and turn it into gay bar or some shit!

  2. It’s happening all over the Bay Area, families are forced to close shops that have been around for ages. Sad days and it’s all thanks to the NIMBY and greedy landlords.

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