Horror gamers hoping that Silent Hills would return were disappointed when Microsoft announced the rumors of making the game an Xbox One exclusive are false.

Following a series of rumors and speculations over the fate of Silent Hills, Head of Microsoft Studios and Xbox Division, Phil Spencer addressed the rumors on Twitter as being false. He has stated,

Sorry, this isn’t true. Not sure where the rumor started but I don’t want to mislead anyone.

This confirmation comes a day after The Know, a YouTube channel, reported that an anonymous source that Microsoft was in talks with Konmai about purchasing and developing Silent Hills as an Xbox One exclusive. The rumors were quickly picked up by many gaming news sites and bloggers.

Despite being a major gaming news, many also doubted that there was any truth to it. Jed Whitaker of Destructoid was the most notable pundit who pointed out the alleged offer is too much for a single title, along with the lack of credibility from the source.

Silent Hills was a planned reboot of the iconic horror survival series created by Hideo Kojima alongside Guillermo del Toro and staring Norman Reedus. The game was first announced back in 2014 but the project was canceled due to a restructuring at Konami, along with the company ending its relationship with Kojima.

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