It was the site of one of the most iconic lines in cinema history but now the restaurant on 701 3rd St. in San Francisco has been demolished to make room for a new hotel.

It has been the home to several burger joints over the last few decades but it was well known as the spot were Client Eastwood first uttered “Go ahead, make my day“. Featured in Sudden Impact, Harry Callahan comes to the dinner for a cup of coffee only to stop a robbery in progress.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, developers have been working for years in trying to secure the location for a hotel. According to Planning Department documents, an eleven-story project has been proposed with a vegetated rooftop terrace and streets cape improvements.

Go ahead, make my day” has been ranked as one of the most iconic movie quotes and often times mistakenly attributed to the first film. Sudden Impact was the fourth film in the Dirty Harry series and was directed by Eastwood himself.

The demolition started only a day after the original Dirty Harry turned 45.

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