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In the spirit of what makes anime conventions welcoming to all, the LGBTQ+ cosplay gathering for FanimeCon 2021 has been announced. It’s a long ways away but many are already planning for it in the aftermath of FanimeCon 2020 being cancelled.

LGBTQ+ in Anime & Manga Gathering will be hosted by YuriZokuis and will take place during the FanimeCon 2021 weekend. No official time or date has been set at the moment.

The gathering is open to LGBTQ+ guests and allies of the community. The photo shoot will focus on anyone cosplaying as an LGBTQ+ character (including ships and couples). Also included in the photo shoot will be characters from Yuri’s and Yaoi’s.

Cosplayers who come to the gathering should be aware that FanimeCon staff will be present to take photos. Anyone who wishes not to have their photo taken (for their own safety). Those who remain with a group during the shoot will be treated as having given consent to being photographed.

The photo shoot will take place in the following order:
– All cosplayers
– Ships and couples
– Solo characters
– LGBTQ+ cosplayers
– Characters by series
This lineup is subject to change.

At the time of writing, this is one of the few confirmed cosplay gatherings for FanimeCon 2021. More will be announced in the future.

FanimeCon 2021 is one of the largest fan organized anime conventions and will take place on the Memorial Day weekend. Check out some of the amazing cosplayers form the 2019 event.

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  1. Why does Fanime need to now make their cosplay gatherings poltical? I don’t care if your gay black or chineese we are all dirty weebs who like anime. Don’t need to make it into a politcal statment and divide us all aginst each other.

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