Remember back in the days when the true test of friendship was Mario Kart 64 during a slumber party? Time to relive those harsh times as Level Up Video Games is hosting a Mario Kart 64 Time Trial Competition.

During the month of April, gamers are welcomed to put their driving skills to the test by trying to complete in any level to achieve the highest score. The challenge is open to anyone of all ages during business hours and there are no participation fees.

Players can try as many times as they wish but only one play through a day. The scores will be logged on a leader board which will also be posted on Facebook. The gamer with the best score will win a $50 gift card at the end of the month.

Updates and more information will be posted on Level Up website and Facebook page. If you feel that you were the king of this game then sign up and have a narly time (inner 2000’s just trying to be cool).

Level Up Video Games is an independent shop in Santa Cruz that sells new along with old games and accessories. They are also well known for the many special events and tournaments they host which attracts gamers from all over the Bay Area.

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