MAINGEAR has announced that its gaming PC’s will now feature the Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition GPU. PC that will feature the new GPU include their flagship series, the MG-1.

Intel Arc A750 GPU features XEss for AI-enhanced upscaling, compatibility with DirectX 12 Ultimate (allowing for ray tracing, variable rate shading, and mesh shading support), AV1 hardware encoding along with the Xe Media Engine. Also, it allows gamers the ideal streaming experience when paired with Intel’s Deep Link Technology.

It will be featured in the MG-1 along with the VYBE line of PC’s. Currently, a VYBE with the Intel Arc A750 will start at $999 USD. MG-1 | Silver with the Intel Arc A750 will start at $1,099 USD. It should be noted that the price will adjust based on the player’s needs. 

MAINGEAR, Inc. is a computer manufacturer that specializes in gaming desktops and laptops. They also create special accessories, workstations, and chairs for PC gamers.

MG-1 is the MAINGEAR current flagship series and it was created in collaboration with Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, professional eSport player and the co-owner of MAINGEAR.

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