A Nightmare 65 Million Years In The Making

The next entry of Horror Game Icon looks back at when Capcom attempted to make a more action focused horror game with Dino Crisis 2. The original game was praised for attempting to redefine the genre but was also criticized for being “Resident Evil with dinosaurs”. The sequel attempted to pull away from the Resident Evil influence and to be something new.

Often ignored today, many fail to realize that Dino Crisis 2 gameplay would set the foundation for Resident Evil 4. From a heavy focus on action along with a merchant and in game currency, this was the game that set the groundwork for future Resident Evil games. Were it not for the third game, this could have been the horror action series Capcom wanted.

Horror Game Icon will now look back at how Dino Crisis 2 redefined the genre while setting the ground work that inspired Resident Evil 4.

Regina is Back

One year after the events of the last game, the US government has begun to research Third Energy. An accident sends a military base and a small city back to the Cretaceous-era. In response, a platoon of the Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team (TRAT) are sent back to rescue survivors and recover the research data. Upon there arrival, most of the rescue team is wiped out (leaving Dylan and Regina as the only survivors).

Capcom understood that the series could not continue if it used the same gameplay setup as Resident Evil. Dino Crisis 2 introduced a new gameplay setup that was more welcoming to new gamers while embracing more action elements.

Dino Crisis 2 abandoned most horror survival elements in favor of a more action gameplay. Players earned points for killing dinosaurs that could be used to purchase new weapons, ammo and health. The game featured a diverse gallery of dinosaurs. This included the usual raptors to the Pterodactyl, Plesiosaurus, and the Giganotosaurus. Players also had to overcome challenges and solve puzzles to progress. Also, you got fight a T-Rex with a tank (what more could one ask for).

This paid off as Dino Crisis 2 was universally praised by critics and gamers for creating a new horror experience.

Bigger, Faster, Smarter

Resident Evil 4 has been praised for redefining the concept of the horror survival. This is because it rebuild the gameplay mechanism while also finding a way to balance the elements of action and horror. While the game does deserve the admiration, it’s Dino Crisis 2 that deserved the credit.

Released on PlayStation, it actually did something different compared to other titles at the time. Sadly, the series fell into obscurity following the failure of Dino Crisis 3. At the same time, Resident Evil 4 rebranded the series for a new audience and went on to become a hit. In the end, this cult classic only lives on thanks to old school gamers who still enjoy it.

Dino Crisis 2 should have set the foundation for a new series but instead influenced the future of the Resident Evil series. The gaming community should acknowledge that Dino Crisis 2 set the foundations for recreating the horror genre. It was ahead of its time but is still great game to play today.

Did you ever play Dino Crisis 2 and what are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment section.

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