Unity Showcases its Best During GDC

Unity Games is responsible for creating, maintaining, and licensing one of the most popular engines in the industry. During the 2023 Game Developers Conference, they had a show of force on the expo floor with their booth. Here they were highlighting the many features of their tools and showcasing the games built using the engine.  

During the 2023 Game Developers Conference, I got the chance to tour the Unity Booth. Here I got to check out some of the games being highlighted and sit in on a few lectures. 

Games Built on Unity 

Several prominent games built using the Unity engine were on display. Anyone could give the game a try and speak with the developers. These were some of the games I got to try out during my time at the Unity Booth. 

Project Ferocious has already been getting a lot of attention with its attention to details and unique environment. This is a narrative driven first-person experience that has players explore a lost world. At the same time, they must battle the creatures on the island and an evil corporation. As treat for fans, a playable build was available during GDC.  

Developed and published by Steel City Interactive, Undisputed aims to be the most realistic boxing game. The game brings to life over 250 iconic boxers from numerous generations and leagues. By using some of the most advanced features of the Unity engine, it has created a life-like experience for boxing fans. The game is currently available in Early Access with plans for a console launch in the future. 

Death Carnival is a twin-stick shooter that pits players against each other in a fast-paced environment. Players will pick from several characters (based on their preferred play style) and battle it out. The final game will have both a single-player and multiplayer experience along with 10 characters to select from.

Lessons in Unity 

Besides demoing games built in Unity, the booth also hosted several seminars during the week. They were an opportunity to learn about the latest features and functionalities of Unity, as well as how to fully leverage the power of the engine. Hosted by a verity of speakers, it was one of the best ways to learn about the engine during GDC.

Of course, I also got to walk away with some amazing Unity t-shirts (awesome swag is part of the GDC experience).

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