A Look at Spike Chunsoft Plans for 2023

Not every publisher or studio had a presence on the expo floor during the 2023 Game Developers Conference. Many had business suites reserved as they wanted to showcase their work to the media and potential partners. This was the case for Spike Chunsoft, whose team had reserved a few of the business suites reserved to showcase their upcoming titles coming in 2023.

On the last day of GDC, I got the chance to preview three titles that Spike Chunsoft plans to release in 2023. They were Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODEANONYMOUS; CODE, and Fitness Circuit. During my session, I got to meet the team behind each title and learn what gamers could expect. 

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is a noir-style detective game from the creators of the Danganronpa series. Players take on the role of Yuma, a detective in training, as he works to stop a series of cases. He must collaborate with other Master Detectives, each possessing unique abilities, as well as with the spirit Shinigami, to solve each case presented.

During my preview of the game, I was shown a developer build that highlighted the world, some of the main characters, and the gameplay mechanics. Localization Producer Alex Flagg along with Scenario Writer Kazutaka Kodaka was present to guide me through the session.

One major highlight of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE that the team is proud of is the open world. The City of Kanai Ward is a world built around the fact that it always rains. From the infrastructure to the design of every building has been designed to accommodate the rain. A lot of the design draws inspiration from cyberpunk classics like Blade Runner. The same goes for the style of the residents. At the same time, the city is divided into sections based on its zoning and the social-economic environment.   

In this case, Yuma and Shinigami team up with a Master Detective to investigate and examine the crime scene. As in Danganronpa, players will search for clues and use their own skills in combination with their partner’s unique abilities. Each Master Detective in the game has a special ability that can be utilized in different situations based on the case. Once all the clues are collected, they will be analyzed to solve the case.

The demonstration ends with the case being solved. While there is more to the scenario, it will have to wait for another time ( I don’t want to spoil anything). 


The next entry in the Science Adventure series, ANONYMOUS;CODE is a visual novel. The story follows a hacker named Pollon who gains the ability to relive the past. This brings him into contact with Momo as they must work together to stop the end of the world. 

During my preview of the game, I was shown the latest trailer and then had the chance to learn more about the overall story. 

ANONYMOUS;CODE continues the series tradition of drawing inspiration from real world events and elements to immerse players in a suspenseful story. As they traverse the complex world, players will encounter a variety of friends and foes while trying to evade a sinister organization that’s after them. The choices they make along the way will have both positive and negative consequences. Fans of the Science Adventure series can anticipate references and nods to other entries in the franchise. At present, there is no confirmation of an anime adaptation.

Fitness Circuit

During my preview session, I was shown a quick demo of how Fitness Circuit works. This a workout game designed to provide users with a quick, convenient exercise routine. Players can select their avatar and choose from a variety of workouts, with each session lasting a minimum of 10 minutes a day. The game features 45 different exercises that focus on either cardio or strength training. Players can monitor their progress through the game’s tracking system and receive new goals and suggestions for improvement.

Launch Dates

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch on June 30th, 2023. ANONYMOUS;CODE is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4 on September 8th, 2023. Fitness Circuit is set to launch on May 26th, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch. 

This article is part of our coverage of the 2023 Game Developers Conference. If you attended the event, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: FortySeven Communications provided 8Bit/Digi with press passes for GDC 2023.

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Correction: An earlier version of this article gave an inaccurate description of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE plot. We would like to thank Spike Chunsoft for bringing this to our attention and we apologize for the error.

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