Five Different Ways to Experience Resident Evil 4

The season of fear is upon us and what better way to start the month than to look back at another classic entry into the Resident Evil series. Last year, we kicked off the season by looking back at Resident Evil 4. This year, I want to look back and rank what I feel are the best versions of this beloved classic. 

Resident Evil 4 redefined the genre and became the foundation for the later entries and remakes that followed. First released for the Nintendo Game Cube and then the PlayStation 2, it introduced a new generation to the iconic horror series while also paving the way for others to follow. Since then it has been re-released on every console (to the point it has become a meme) while a remake is in the works. 

However, not all versions are equal. Some were an improvement over others while other versions attempted to redefine the gameplay. Gamers Nightmare will now look back at what were the best versions of Resident Evil 4.

5. Wii Edition 

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition was one of those games that attempted to hop on the motion controller bandwagon. Players would use the Wii controller to shoot or dodge enemies. At the same time, the motion controller was used to perform the quick time actions. Those who preferred a traditional experience could hook up a GameCube controller.

Despite the gimmick, it has developed a cult following among Resident Evil fans. Those who played it will often speak of the fond memories they had back in the day. It may not be everyone’s favorite version, but those who grew up playing it are adamant about it. 

4. GameCube version

The GameCube was the must have console for Resident Evil fans back in the day. They got Zero and REmake while several classics were ported onto the system. Nintendo gamers were also the first to play Resident Evil 4. The last game released as part of Capcom’s deal with Nintendo, this would be the game that redefined the genre. It would also be the game that introduced us to the version of The Mercenaries that we all love.

While later versions would be an improvement and have more content, the GameCube version was the original. Plus, it also had that awesome chainsaw controller (a must have for collectors and fans).

3. PlayStation 4 version

Resident Evil 4 for the PlayStation 4 is an improvement upon the classic while being a bridge between old schools fans and new gamers. It has all the hallmarks of the original but it’s better polished. If you played it back in the day, you will feel right in your youth. Gamers new to the series are also given the opportunity to experience the iconic classic on a PlayStation console. Overall; it’s an upgraded version of the PS2 classic. 

2. Resident Evil 4 VR

Resident Evil is no stranger to VR as the seventh game became the measuring stick in regards to quality. HoweverResident Evil 4 VR was a completely different experience and benchmark. It basically took a beloved classic and gave it the true VR treatment while taking advantage of the Quest 2 hardware. This is the iconic game only played through your own perspective (except the cutscenes). Players could relive their favorite moments in the game but from a more intensive manner like never before. It also has one of the best versions of The Mercenaries.

When I was covering VR back in 2015 / 2016, I would always ask how long until we could experience beloved classics in VR. It didn’t take long with titles like Fallout 4 VR. Now we get to enjoy a game that defined our youth in VR. Making this one of the best versions of the iconic game.

1. PlayStation 2 version

Resident Evil 4 may have first launched for the GameCube and re-released many times, but it will forever be seen as a staple of the PlayStation 2. Because when you think of games that defined the console, chances are Resident Evil 4 will be among the top 10. Why? Because the PS2 version was the definitive one back in 2005. 

Unlike the GameCube version, the PS2 version had a lot more additional content and unlockables. Notable among them was “Separate Ways”, a retelling of the main game but from Ada Wongs’ perspective. Also absent are numerous rewards that came with beating “Separate Ways”. Besides extra content; the PS2 version has the nostalgia factor going. Remember that the PS2 was the best-selling console of its era, thus more people were playing that version of Resident Evil 4.

Additional content along with the nostalgia factor combined makes the PlayStation 2 version of Resident Evil 4 the best one ever released. 

Did you play any of these versions of Resident Evil 4? Was there a version that you preferred but not ranked? Let us know in the comment section. 

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  1. It says a lot that there are so many ports of Resident Evil 4 that a top list needs to be made just to rank them. You also know in 10 years there will be one for the remake as well – LOL

    But RE4 VR should have been #1

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