Fred Durst Signed Dreamcast is Being Auctioned


For anyone who has ever wanted to own a Sega Dreamcast, there is some good news and bad news. The Good news is the console is unopened and being auctioned on eBay but the bad news is that it has been signed by Fred Durst.

eBay user, hollywoodstorage1, is selling the Dreamcast with the starting bid being $700 or anyone could just buy it on the spot for $1,000. There are currently no bids and the auction will end on February 23.

Back in the day when Fred Durst was respected, Sega partnered with the artist to promote the Dreamcast. Sega even helped sponsored a Limp Bizkit tour and brought the console to the events for people to play.

Looks like this is a big dilemma for anyone who has ever wanted a Sega Dreamcast. Is a $1,000 really worth it for an iconic console that has been signed by Fred Durst?

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4 Comments on Fred Durst Signed Dreamcast is Being Auctioned

  1. Why would anyone pay for a Fred Durst signed Dreamcast?

  2. How could Fred Durst do something so awful to an innocent Dreamcast

  3. Who the fuck will pay $1000 for a console signed by Fred Durst? You could buy a used Dreamcast for 100 and without the Fred Dust damage

  4. LOL is dat shit for real?

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