Steam Next Feast 2023 is an opportunity for gamers to try out a variety of titles coming soon. Among the games, I got to play during this time was Gestalt: Steam & Cinder. It’s a SNES inspired Metroidvania style experience. This one of those games that got my attention with its visual design, steampunk setting, and familiar gameplay.

For anyone who is curious, the Gestalt: Steam & Cinder demo is currently available to download and play until February 13th. While this should not be treated as a review, it’s a look at how it plays in its current state. I do plan on publishing a review once the game launches. 

Welcome to the Steam City

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is a steampunk adventure set in the last home for humanity. Ages ago; an event almost wiped out humanity while the survivors took shelter in the Steam City of Canaan. However, everything is not what it appears to be while the city elites hide a dark secret. Players will take on the role of Aletheia, a mercenary with Irkalla, who sets out to uncover the truth of the city after a job goes wrong. 

Playthrough of Gestalt: Steam & Cinder

The demo begins by presenting a little back story to the world and who you are. The game then starts with a quick (but creative) tutorial that introduces players to the world of Gestalt: Steam & Cinder. Here players learn all the basics of the gameplay mechanics while also having a good idea of what is to be expected. Once you meet up with Simon, you can truly begin exploring this world while also doing a few quests along the way. 

The gameplay is the classic Metroidvania setup with the standard RPG elements. Players traverse the world, fight machines, level up, and get new gear as they progress. As their character grows, they can boost their stats and learn new skills (based on their style of play). Gear can be found hidden around the world or picked up when you meet people. At the same time; players can take on quests that will earn them more XP and money.

Final Thoughts on Gestalt: Steam & Cinder

I want to look back at what it did right and how it can improve. Among what the game does right or impressed me was the visual design that blends the anime style within the context of a 32-bit game. The game is easy to learn from the start but it will toss some curveballs along the way. Its world is fascinating and rich in exploration. My only issue is some minor problem that can be summed up as the game needs to be polished before launch. 

According to the game’s Steam page, fans could expect Gestalt: Steam & Cinder to launch sometime in 2023. Based on the quality of the demo, that is very likely. One could expect either a late Spring launch at the earliest or a Fall release at the latest. Regardless; fans will not have to wait long to play this steampunk style Metroidvania experience. 

Disclaimer: I downloaded the demo via Steam. 

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