Spicy Burrito Defends his Championship at Fanime

One of the highlights of the FanimeCon weekend, the Cosplay Wrestling Federation was back with its presentation of Fanimania VIII. This time presented as a two-night event, everyone’s favorite characters battled it out for the championship belt. This coverage is based on Night 2 of the event.

This year; Spicy Burrito had to defend his title as he goes up against a roster of new and classical challengers. Mr. Budokai was this year’s host while CWF Founder Lashayda DuCree along with Fabio Funkly. Everyone’s favorite punching bag, Hiki, was unavailable as he got distracted in the dealer’s hall.

As with other major shows and events during that weekend, it was an emotionally strong one due to the long absence brought on by the pandemic.

The Challengers

A good number of characters took the stage to present their case. From new characters to classic ones, they all had the goal of usurping Skeletor. With so many competing for the championship, here are some of the most notable moments from Fanimania VIII:

The first to take the stage was a new challenger, Sonic the Hedgehog. He was attracted to FanimeCon for the famous hot dogs but stayed for the championship. His entire case for the championship was based on the fact that winners “gotta go fast”. 

Accompanied with Lucifer by his side and with a plate of pancakes, The Helltaker was back. Once again, he made his case with promises of the best pancakes and parties. At the same time, he reminded the audience how awesome he is and how he will host the biggest party imaginable if he wins.  

The show was momentarily interrupted by the Joker (Christopher Nolan version). Accompanied by Harly Quinn, he had only one simple question – where was Spicy Burrito? 

Loid Forger took the stage with the support of Yor Forger. Unfortunately, his time was cut short by a call from Anya. Frankie got his head stuck in the turkey and now dinner was ruined. 

Next to take the stage was Mumin Rider, returning once again to take the championship. Hailed by the audience as “The Peoples Champion”, he once again pledged to work hard to claim the championship not for himself but for everyone who has tried to take a stance for justice. 

A regular at the CWF, Mario was back to present his case for why he is worthy of the championship. While greeted with chants of “Spicy Meatballs”, he was in a bum mood. The reason was the loss during the Night 1 event. However, he was cheered up by remembering the success of his latest movie. 

Matt Ishida made a return to Fanimania with the goal of taking the championship. Unfortunately, he had one problem – everyone hated him. Every time he tried to speak he would be drowned by chants of “tax the rich” and “eat the rich”. 

Last to take the stage was everyone’s favorite otaku, Travis Touchdown. He reminded the audience that he is an actual otaku and thus worthy of the title. At the same time, he had made his own Otaku Burrito using spicy instant ramen. 

The Trash Man

The Trash Man was a new challenger who was quick to win over the crowd and become the new audience’s favorite. Besides making his speech on why he should win, he also made some “pocket” meals. He made a Philly Roll for Fabio Funkly and slapped Mr. Budokai with a pocket sandwich before tossing it to the audience. The final kicker was wolfing down a jar of cheese. 

As he walked off the stage, the judges had a reaction of disgust. However, he had one over the audience as they chanted “pocket cheese”. 

Blackout Championship 

The Blackout Championship of Fanimania VIII saw Gaston go up against Jiggly Puff for this special title. Each one made their case for why they are worthy of the title. While Gaston made the case for himself, Jiggly Puff brought into question what has happened to the honor of the belt. 

Before a winner could be determined, Magumasa took to the stage with a special announcement. He has crafted a new belt for the Blackout Championship. 

With a new belt and each challenger having presented their case, the audience made their voices heard. The winner of the Blackout Championship was Gaston. 

Spicy Burrito Takes the Stage

It was time for Spicy Burrito to make his case for keeping the championship. He did this by taking apart his competition and pointing out why he is better than them. At the same time, he was promoting his merchandise that was being sold at the CWF shop in the back. 

The Champion

Each challenger presented a case for why they were worthy of the championship while ripping into Spicy Burrito. It was a tough competition and many great characters were successful in pledging their case. At times it did get heated, especially when Ishida clocked Mario. In the end, it was Trash Man who walked away with the championship belt.

But in a shocking twist, Trash Man revealed himself to be Coach Conners in disguise. Having fooled everyone, he walked away with the championship as the audience could do nothing but chant “We F***ed Up”. Thankfully, Spicy Burrito was able to get one swing at him at the end of the show.  

Thus bringing an end to Fanimania VIII during the Fanimecon 2023 weekend.

Disclaimer: FanimeCon provided me with a pass for the weekend

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