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Capcom’s unveiling of Exoprimal has been met with mixed reactions among gamers. That is because due to its content and the design of a character, many were anticipating a Dino Crisis remake. While not the game fans wanted, many are open to experience while others aren’t confident in the title.

Exoprimal is set in the year 2043 in which mysterious vortexes open up and dump swarms of dinosaurs. Players are part of a special forces unit that are tasked with containing the dinosaur outbreak using power armor. Additional information about the story and gameplay will be announced in the future. For now, check out the trailer:  

Right away the game has many references to Dino Crisis, the classic horror game from the creators of Resident Evil. Anyone who has played Dino Crisis could already see many references to the series in the trailer. Besides dinosaurs and teleportation, there is a character that looks exactly like Regina. 

Dino Crisis 8Bit/Digi

Thus the mixed reaction from those who were expecting a Dino Crisis remake. Especially since gamers (particularly Resident Evil and horror game fans) have been advocating for the series return. Also adding to the mix were rumors circulating prior to the State of Play that Capcom might announce a Dino Crisis remake. 

Not the Dinosaur Game We Wanted

The overall response to Exoprimal has been a mix. Yes; many were hoping for and would have preferred a Dino Crisis remake or reboot. Many are also hoping the game is good because it does have an interesting premise. Others have brushed it off as basically “Anthem with dinosaurs”.

Here are some of the thoughts people had about Exoprimal after its unveiling:

A Game 65 Million Years in the Making

Exoprimal is set to launch for all major consoles and the PC sometime in 2023. Dino Crisis was released for the PlayStation back in 1999 followed by a PC and Dreamcast port. It was followed by Dino Crisis 2 which was also meet with praise. The the last game, Dino Crisis 3, was released in 2003 and was panned by fans and critics.

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  1. OMG looks like Capcom is going back to being Crapcom and trying to hoop on the “live services” bandwagon. I hope this Anthem knock-off bombs and everyone involved is laid-off as they did not have the good sense to say “This is a shit idea lets make a real Dino Crisis game”!

  2. Why do AAA publishers always force down these shit live service nobody wanted or asked. We wanted a Dino Crisis remake not Anthem with Dinosaurs. I hope ever fake woke gamer who works on this end up like the scum who worked on Anthem, with a mental breakdown!

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