Nintendo has unveiled the details regarding Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at E3 2018 and now anyone who has not bought a Switch may need to reconsider that decision.

The announcement of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was seen by many as the highlight of Nintendo’s E3 show. As of the time of writing, Nintendo has posted three trailers of the game that have been well recived by fans and the game is still trending on social media.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature one of the largest rosters in the series as it will include almost every Nintendo character along with characters from non-Nintendo titles but have been featured in other Smash Bros. games. The following characters will be in the game:
– Mario
– Donkey Kong
– Link
– Samus
– Yoshi
– Kirby
– Fox
– Pikachu
– Luigi
– Ness
– Captain Falcon
– Jigglypuff
– Peach
– Daisy
– Bowser
– Ice Climbers
– Sheik
– Zelda
– Dr. Mario
– Pichu
– Falco
– Marth
– Lucina
– Young Link
– Ganondorf
– Mewtwo
– Roy
– Mr. Game and Watch
– Meta Knight
– Pit
– Zero Suit Samus
– Wario
– Snake
– Ike
– Red and Blue (from Pokémon)
– Diddy Kong
– Lucas
– Sonic
– King Dedede
– Olimar
– Lucario
– R.O.B.
– Toon Link
– Wolf
– Villager
– Mega Man
– Wii Fit Trainer
– Rosalina
– Little Mac
– Greninja
– Mii Fighter
– Palutena
– Robin
– Shulk
– Bowser Jr.
– Duck Hunt
– Ryu
– Cloud
– Corrin
– Bayonetta
– Inkling
– Ridley

Other notable features include unlocking of special outfits for each characters, new mini-games and a plethora of unique stages. As an added bonus, the game will be compatible with an old school GameCube controller along with Super Smash Bros. Amiibo’s.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to be released on December 7th 2018 for the Nintendo Switch. More information about the game will be made available in the coming months.

Note: 8Bit/Digi is not at E3 2018 but we are more then happy to report on all the trailers and big announcements.

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