For VRV subscribers, the end is nigh. It has been announced the date when VRV will shut down and everything will rollover to Crunchyroll. 

Starting May 8th, 2023, all VRV subscriptions will migrate over to Crunchyroll. While VRV Select and Mondo will no longer be available, users can carry over their Crunchyroll watch history so long as their accounts are linked. Users without a Crunchyroll account can use their VRV username and password to create an account. 

Account billings and information will also migrate over to Crunchyroll. Any redeemed gift cards will apply to your Crunchyroll Premium membership. Any unredeemed gift cards are still valid but you will need to contact customer service after May 8th.

Additional information about the shutdown and VRV accounts can be found here. 

VRV was a streaming service that started as a partnership between Crunchyroll and numerous streaming services. Among the streaming partners during its existence were HIDive, Funimation, Shudder, and Boomerang. Over time, numerous partners would go their own way (Funimation being the most notable one). The service began to be phased out following the merger of Crunchyroll and Funimation. 

Crunchyroll is the largest anime streaming service and a driving force in promoting the anime community. Besides distribution, they are known for their original streetwear (via Crunchyroll Love) and publishing anime-based video games (via Crunchyroll Games).

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