Far Cry is a first person adventure series that has players involved in a conflict set is an exotic location. Crysis is a first person shooter that focus on a soldiers using a nanosuit to battle an military opposition and an alien invasion.

So what do both these games share that would call for a crossover? Far Cry was first developed by Crytek and published by Ubisoft. Several years later, the same team would go on to develop Crysis, which they consider it a spiritual successor to Far Cry. Hence it would be real awesome if Crytek and Ubisoft teamed up for a Far Cry / Crysis – crossover.

Main Story

The story will be set several years after the events of Far Cry 3 but before the events of Crysis. Before the nanosuits and the threat of the Ceph, this game will try to connect the plots of the Far Cry series with Crysis.

Set on an archipelago island in the Pacific, a group of pirates (Vass former crew) have hijacked a mega-yacht that was hosting a party for the Presidents daughter. In response the military dispatches a unit of the Delta Force to rescue the hostages, but their helicopter is shot down. The only survivors are Jake Dunn (aka Nomad), Agent Willis Huntley (serving as an adviser), and two other members of unit.

They are all rescued by the Jackal, who has a personal beef with the pirates who also hijacked an arms shipment of his and now he is hell bent on revenge. Dunn must lead the Delta Force unit through the island jungles to rescue the Presidents daughter and escape the hot zone.

Following the completion of his mission, Dunn is tapped by Major Laurence Barnes to join Raptor Team.

Characters & Factions

Delta Force – The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta is the US Armies unit responsible for hostage rescue and counter-terrorism.

Jake Dunn  – A Delta Force operative who now must command the surviving members of his squad to rescue the Presidents Daughter. He is the playable character in the game and will command the other two survivors. 

Willis Huntley – A CIA Agent who is assigned to the Delta Force unit as an adviser due to his previous experience in the region. He will provide Dunn with tactical data along with advice on how to complete a mission.

Mercenaries – A private army hired by the Jackal to recover his stolen guns and get his revenge on the pirates.

The Jackal One of the most notorious arms dealer in the world for having armed many militia in several wars. When a shipment of his guns were stolen by the pirates, he arrived to the region with a small mercenary army to reclaim it. He will provide Dunn with extra weapons and gear during the game.

Pirates – Made up of remnants of Vass and Hoyt’s crew, they have continued their predecessors legacy of terrorizing the region for their own gain.

Pirate Leader – The leader of the pirates who took over the group after the death of Vass while uniting remnants of Hoyt mercenary forces. He has kidnapped the President Daughter in the hopes of getting a huge reward for her return.


The game should be set in an open-world jungle environment made up of small to mid-sized islands that have pirate camps. The gameplay should be similar to the RPG setup used in Far Cry  3 along with some survival mechanism and simple elements from the squad based shooter genre.

Assignments that are part of the main story will be issued by Agent Huntley while the Jackal will task the player with missions that will cripple the Pirates operation in the region

Final Thoughts 

Ubisoft and Crytek should seriously team up and make this cross over happen.

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  1. This will be an awesome idea if they stop being pussies and give us fans what we want. Someone make this happen!!!!!!!

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