Due to concerns over public safety with the ongoing pandemic, Costume-Con 39 has been delayed to 2023.

The event was set to take place from April 23rd to April 26th 2021. With the pandemic still ongoing, the leadership discussed the situation with the hotel and the sponsors. It was agreed upon to delay the even to April 21 to April 24th 2023. The announcement was made in the following post:

There are plans to host an all digital event on the original date. More information will be made available in the coming months but anyone with questions are asked to reach out to the staff.

Costume-Con 39 is not the only event to have delayed or cancel their 2021 event. SacAnime Winter 2021 was cancelled but then reorganized as a swap meet. CES 2021 has been converted to an all digital event. Augmented World Expo and the Game Developers Conference have pushed their 2021 event to later in the year.

Costume-Con is a convention dedicated to the costume and cosplay community of North America. They have also been active with other conventions and are known for organizing costume and cosplay related events.

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