The Cosplay Wrestling Federation has been a staple of the Bay Area fandom scene for several years and now its coming to TwitchCon for the first time.

In a post made on Facebook, CWF confirmed that they will be hosting a show during TwitchCon. The announcement stated:

2017 has been a crazy year so far with Dio coming back, Mario and Pika Libre winning CWF gold and our partnership with SPW at Sac Anime. Not content with resting on her laurels, CWE CEO LaShayda DuCree is ready to make a big announcement about CWF’s future. A venue has been secured along with a sponsor. As more details surface we will be sure to share them with you until then all we will say is this….

Get ready to log onto Twitch next month.

It’s unclear if CWF will feature any actual physical wrestling during their show at TwitchCon. While the show is known for its WWE style tone, actual wrestling was recently introduced during their event at SacAnime Summer 2017.

The Cosplay Wrestling Federation was established in 2013 as wrestling style show with a cosplay twist. TwitchCon is a video game fan convention organized by the online streaming service.

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