Carrie Keranen will be a Guest at Kraken Con: Cosplay Day


Fans who are planning to attend Kraken Con: Cosplay Day on the USS Hornet will be delighted to learn thatĀ Carrie Keranen will be a special guest.

Carrie Keranen is a voice actress who is best known for her role as Satsuki Kiryuin in the English dubbed version of Kill La Kill. Her other notable roles include Maiya Hisau in Fate/Zero, Hiroko Seto in Your Lie in April, and Guila in The Seven Deadly Sins just to name a few.

It’s expected that more guests will be announced in the weeks leading up to Cosplay Day on the USS Hornet.

Cosplay Day on the USS Hornet is special mini-anime con organized by theĀ Kraken Con team to raise money for the USS Hornet Museum. This will be the second time that Kraken Con has hosted a major event on the USS Hornet, with a previous one held back in 2015.

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