Looks like 2018 is going strong for Bar Con as they have unveiled details regarding Season 2, Episode 2 which will take place in February. This one is looking very promising as it will feature an excellent musical line up along with an iconic game and anime shows.

BAR Con Season 2, Episode 2 will feature a screening of the award winning Gurren Lagann and the classic Fist of the North Star. The retro game of the night will be The Simpsons Arcade Game, hailed by many as one of the best beat ’em up titles made. The $5 drink specials will include Health Potion, Mana Potion, and Elixir.

The musical performance will feature an opening act by Lykos Duo followed by the main show with Phoenix Ash. Lykos Duo is a violin duet group known for their covers of iconic songs from video games and anime’s. A regular at Bar Con, Phoenix Ash is the only American J-Rock band as they are signed with Plug Records label in Japan.

BAR Con is a monthly event that combines ones love of anime, video games and J-Rock into a one night festivity. The event is held at the Back Bar SoFa in Downtown San Jose while tickets could be purchased online or at the door.

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