October is around the corner, which means a new BAR Con event is almost here. BAR Con continues to thrive with its mix of booze, anime, J-Rock and video games as they have announced the details regarding Season 2, Episode 10.

BAR Con: Season 2, Episode 10 will feature a screening of Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO and Sakamoto desu gaThe retro game of the night will be Sugoi Hebereke for the SNES. The $5 drink specials will include Health Potion, Mana Potion, and Elixir.

Also for the first time, BAR Con has announced a drinking game contest that will require participants to create an anime / video game inspired drinking game based on either Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO or Sugoi Hebereke. Participants can suggest their ideas and rules for a game, with the winner receiving a free drink.

The musical performance will begin with an open mic karaoke followed by the main show starting with Light of Mine and then Cyborg Octopus. Light of Mine is an alternative pop-punk band from Fresno that has very popular in the Bay Area. Based in San Ramon, Cyborg Octopus takes pride in being musically open and whiling to explore a verity of styles.

BAR Con is a monthly event that combines ones love of anime, video games and J-Rock into a one night festivity. The event is held at the Back Bar SoFa in Downtown San Jose while tickets could be purchased online or at the door.

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