Bandai Namco announces that Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations Code Fairy is in the works with the first volumes coming in November. This will be another treat for fans of Gundam or mecha video games.

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations Code Fairy is an original story set during the One Year War. If follows the exploits of Noisy Fairy, a special unit lead by Alama Stirner and under the direct command of Kycilia Zabi. Is set during the North American theater of the war and will focuses on the units battles against Federation forces.

The gameplay will be squad-based mecha combat similar to Battle Operation 2. As an added bonus, accomplishments and achievements in Code Fairy can be carried over to Battle Operation 2 to unlock new mobile suits along with other content. 

Volume 1. is set to launch on November 5th followed by Volume 2. on the 19th. Volume 3 is set to launch on December 3rd. Each one could be purchased individually for $19.99 USD or one could pick up the Standard Edition ($49.99) or Deluxe Edition ($59.99). Check out the announcement trailer to have an idea of what to expect:

Gundam is a media franchise that follows an interstellar conflict involving mobile suits. The franchise includes the main series followed by numerous spin-offs along with video games and models (dubbed Gunpla). The original series, Mobile Suit Gundam, follows the One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon.

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  1. WTF is Code Fairy suppose to be? Gundam is not a cute anime but a dark and gritty story about the horrors of war. This looks like its set in a soriority house! Is this a sad attempt to be more feminist or to make bad fan service?

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