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Dear Stan,

I stumbled across the 8Bit/Digi Facebook page a few months ago when you were streaming Metal Gear Solid. I don’t see that many retro game streamers and I was surprised by your large following. I’ve wanted to become a pro-streamer but I’ve been having a hard time. My Twtich channel only has five followers and I hardly get a single viewer. My Facebook page is better but I only have 50 fans and 3 viewers on average. How can I grow my channel?

All the best,

Ask Stan: You’re not alone Jacob, a lot of gamers want to be the next Ninja or PewDiePie. The truth is there is no magic bullet that could help. It’s a combination of dedication, marketing, self discipline and showmanship. However it’s not guaranteed that you will be successful. For every Ninja, there are thousands of streamers that will never be famous.

I get asked this a lot and I always have the same answer regarding my own success. Streaming has never been a priority for me. The 8Bit/Digi Facebook page is a tool used to reach out to fans of the news site. That is why I invested in advertising on Facebook as part of a marketing strategy to promote 8Bit/Digi. Part of my audience growth also comes from having networked with others at mixers and conventions.

When it comes to streaming, I just do it for fun. Everyone can be streaming Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone, I’m gonna play Drakengard. Streaming is not a priority for me but I might as well do it if I’m playing a game. Sometime I do like to stream a new game that is coming out (after the set embargo).

The best you can do right now is just keep doing your streams on Facebook. Improve your showmanship and set a realistic schedule. Try networking in other Facebook Streaming groups to promote your channel and learn how to improve yourself. Finally, remember to have fun, if you’re not having fun than there is no point in streaming.

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