Looks like another batch of My Hero Academia cast members are confirmed to be coming to SacAnime Summer 2020. J. Michael Tatum, Brina Palencia, Kristen McGuire, Brandon McInnis and Emily Neves have been added to the guest list.

J. Michael Tatum is a voice actor, screen writer and director who is well known as the voice of Teyna Iida in My Hero Academia, Erwin Smith in Attack on Titan and Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler. He has also provided the voice of France in Hetalia: Axis Powers and Eneru in One Piece. Gamers will also know him for his role as Sir Hammerlock in Borderlands 2.

Brina Palencia is a voice actress well known for her role as Ciel Phantomhive on Black Butler, Sakura in Zombieland Saga and Tony Tony Chopper on One Piece. Her other notable roles include Touka in Tokyo Ghoul and Minoru Mineta in My Hero Academia. Outside of voice acting, she was one of the hosts of GameStop TV while playing Sophia on Star-Crossed.

Kristen McGuire is a voice actress best known for her role as Ruri on Dr. Stone and Tatami Nakagame in My Hero Academia.

Emily Neves Sirius and Eri in My Hero Academia. Her other notable roles include Setsuko in the 2012 dubbed version of Grave of the Fireflies.

Brandon McInnis is a voice actor best known for his role as Sir Nighteye on My Hero Academia. His other notable roles include Finral Roulacas in Black Clover and Hirofumi Inoue on King’s Game.

They will be joining fellow cast members Amber Lee Connors, David Matranga, Josh Grelle, Kyle Phillips and Leah Clark. Also joining them will be Clifford Chapin, Luci Christian along with Justin Cook, Jamie Marchi, Monica Rial, and Justin Briner. Also on the guest list are Billy Kametz and Faye Mata. Joining them will be Jad Saxton and Alexis Tipton from Fire Force. More guests along with events and panels will be announced in the coming months.

SacAnime Summer 2020 will be held at Cal Expo during the Labor Day weekend. Registration has opened for standard passes and VIP passes.

If you can’t make it to SacAnime Summer 2020 then check out the many conventions that are set to take place in the Bay Area and surrounding region. We will work to provide updates and announcements when they become available.

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