If you have have been hooked on Jump Force for the last few months then you have nothing to fear as it has been confirmed that All Might will be included in the Character Pass.

All Might is a major character in the My Hero Academia series who is the greatest superhero and known as “The Symbol of Peace”. In the series, he passes his power on to Izuku Midoriya after he demonstrates his will to help those in need. From that point on, All Might begins to mentor Midoryia on how to become a hero.

The Character Pass is a DLC that adds nine additional characters to the Jump Force roster. The announcement of All Might inclusion was made in the following post:

The addition of more characters for the DLC will be announced in the future.

Jump Force, is a fighting game that has players battle it out as an iconic characters from the Weekly Shōnen Jump. The game was released for all major consoles and the PC on February 15th, to coincide with the publications 50th Anniversary.

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