If you thought Aksys Games announced everything they had in the works during Anime Expo then prepare to be excited even more. Aksys Games will host a digital showcase to announce upcoming titles and updates on games in the works.

All Aksys is a digital showcase that will premier on their Twitch channel on October 20th at 10 am (PST). The event will announce titles that are aimed at a 2023 launch or beyond. It will also give an update on upcoming titles.

The showcase will be hosted by Sami Nash along with Anne Lee and Marcus Estrada of the Chic Pixel. They will be breaking down each announcement and going into details about what gamers could expect.

At the moment, it’s unknown how many titles will be announced during the showcase. Those who miss out could watch the highlights on YouTube. 

Aksys Games Localization, Inc. is a publisher that specializes in translating and localizing Japanese games. They are known for their work on visual novels and otome games while also having worked with major studios. 

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