Need a reason to meet up with people to watch your favorite scary movie? AFKxp has a reason for you as they will hosting SCREAM-a-thon, a screening of the Scream series.

SCREAM-a-thon at AFKxp will take place on October 18th starting at 7pm. Open to guest who are 18 years or older, the event will feature a screening of the iconic horror films while there will be tother activities in-between. There will also be a raffle with many great prizes and cosplaying is encouraged.

Admission is $10 for a seat or you could stand for free. The films that will be shown are as followed:
Scream at 7pm
Scream 2 at 9pm
Scream 4 at 11pm

AFKxp Tech+Games is the heart of the gaming community in the South Bay and is located in Downtown Campbell. Scream is another iconic horror series by Wes Craven known for deconstructing the slasher genre.

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