Do miss the days of having a massive LAN party with your friends and wished to relive those glory days? If so then the team at AFKgg has you covered as they plan to host their LAN Lock-In.

AFKgg will be hosting LAN Lock-In #8 on March 31st from 11:00pm all the way to 6:00am in the morning. During the night; gamers will get to enjoy matches of their favorite title either on the PC or on a console while chowing down on some tasty pizza. There will also be movie screenings and several gaming tournaments as well.

The cost will be $25 for 6 hours with 2 slices of pizza or $30 for 7 hours with 3 slices of pizza and a drink. Members do not need to pay for game time and its $5 for 2 slices of pizza or $10 for 3 slices and a drink.

This event is for gamers who are ages 18+ and entry to the Lock-In will stop at 1:15am while alcohol will stop being served 15min lated. Just for your comfort – this isn’t a true lock-in and guests are allowed to leave at anytime but they will not be allowed to return.

AFKgg Gaming Lounge is a restaurant and bar with a massive selection of titles that caters to the gamers of the Bay Area. Players can meet up and compete against each other in their favorite game or they could stop by to watch the many eSports tournaments that are being hosted. 

If the LAN Lock-In doesn’t interest you then go to their Facebook page to check out other events they will be hosting.

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