Have you every wanted to check out a Maid Cafe but don’t want to wait for the next Anime convention? If so then you’re in luck as AFKgg is hosting a Maid Cosplay Café for one day only.

Back by popular demand, AFKgg has announced they will be hosting another Maid Cafe on Sunday, January 14th from noon until 6PM. During the day, maids and butlers will be serving food, playing games with guests, and watching some anime. Guests are also encourage to cosplay during the event.

Guests who want to reserve a table should send an email to or call 408-766-0235. However, walk-ins are welcomed if there are tables available at the time of arrival.

For those unaware; maid cafes are cosplay restaurants in which the staff is dressed in maid or butler attire. During a visit, guest get to enjoy some treats while playing games with staff. They started in Japan and now have become a staple of anime conventions in North America. Major conventions like FanimeCon and SacAnime also have their own maid cafe during the weekends.

AFKgg Gaming Lounge is a restaurant and bar with a massive selection of titles that caters to the gamers of the Bay Area. Players can meet up and compete against each other in their favorite game or they could stop by to watch the many eSports tournaments that are being hosted. 




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