AFK Announces the Saturday Super Smash #2

Super Smash

A staple of the eSports community in the Bay Area, AFKxp has announced they will be hosting the Saturday Super Smash #2.

Saturday Super Smash #2 will take place on February 22nd with the registration starting at Noon. The tournament will have players compete in a single and double match. The games used for the event will be Super Smash Bros. Melee and Project +.

The schedule of the tournament is as followed (but will be subject to change if needed):
12:00 pm – Doors Open
1:00 pm – Project + Doubles
2:00 pm – Melee Doubles
3:00 pm – Project + Singles
4:00 pm – Melee Singles

To enter the competition, please sign up on and pay the required entry fee. At the moment, no prize has been announced yet. Do expect an announcement to be made in the days before the tournament.

AFKxp Tech+Games could only be described as the heart of the gaming community in the South Bay. They are known for hosting eSport tournaments, watch parties and swap meets. You could find them on the second floor of LvL Up (in Downtown Campbell) and share a space with The Retro Fix.

If you can’t make it to the Saturday Super Smash #2 then keep a watch for future events. We will report on any Super Smash or other fighting game tournaments in the Bay Area (be it at AFK or other venues).

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